Child Disease

prevent chickenpox

How to prevent chickenpox in children?

The chicken pox is a viral infection for which the person has blisters all over ...

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infantile gastroenteritis

How to treat infantile gastroenteritis

When our children are small, it is very common that constantly sick with viruses like ...

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children with asthma

Children with asthma: Protocols to follow

Asthma is a common respiratory disease among children and therefore, certain guidelines must be followed ...

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fever in children

Fever in children from 0 to 3 years

During growth many children have fever, which can come from various health problems. The only ...

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Child Health

treat baby cold

How to treat the baby’s cold

In the autumn, it is normal that with temperature changes, our baby can catch a ...

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first period

First period: How to handle the situation with your daughter

The first period is certainly special in the life of any young person, since it ...

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babies dental health

The dental health of babies

In most babies, the milk teeth will start to grow between 6-12 months old, and ...

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sudden death of a baby

What is the sudden death of a baby?

The sudden infant death is the sudden and unexpected death of a healthy baby, in ...

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Child Behavior

Child Nutrition


Breast Feeding

Pregnancy Tips

Child Development

traveling with baby

Traveling with baby: Indications and precautions

Do you thinking about traveling with a baby? When holiday seasons arrive, many of us ...

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baby first formal event

Prepping for Your Baby Boy’s First Formal Event

It seems like only yesterday you were welcoming your beautiful baby boy into the world, ...

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children on holiday

Activities for children on holiday

Children have more than two weeks without classes, which occasionally can become a headache for ...

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internet for kids

Children and dangers of Internet

Both adults and young people think of the computer as a source of accurate and ...

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